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Pattern by Me: GlowCanPick

Thanks for writing out my pattern for me Ger.
These pads were done a while back w/chain of 30. As you can see, if you want to switch colors, you need start early in the piece. Glow2plyHotPad / Pot Holder Materials: Size G Crochet hook. worsted weight yarn. Chain 31 Sc in second ch from hook, sc in next 29 chains, working in free loops on the other side of starting chain sc in next 30 sts. Do not join, Do not turn Continue working around these 60 sts in sc. Work will start to curl forward on each end, this is the way it should be Work 17 or 18 rows till sides meet diagonaly in the middle End off and sew diagonal seam, matching sts, through back loops of each sts For hot pad leave as is For potholder, attach yarn to corner where diagonal seam starts, ch 11, sl st in 2nd and all sts of chain, sl st in same st as joining End off and weave in tail, this forms hanging loop For a more decorative look, use back loops only, as shown in the image above. glor


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