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Hi all, Here's another GlowIdea. I made dozens of these for friends while sitting with dad during his hospital stay. Don't throw out those old plastic lids. Cut out the center. That leaves the rim. SC all the way around it, then do some kind of a cluster every third stitch, then crochet in a handle, then put on some glitter or glue on some sequens. I don't have any sequens on these yet.
This is just to give you the 'jist' of the look of them. I do the centers in different colors too, and I use all sizes of the plastic lids. hugs glor


I like to make the bottom flat. I start out making it like it was going to be a pillow case. What I do is, with the piece inside-out, put the side seam together with the bottom seam, then sew across, about 2 in or so from the corner, on each side of the piece. Then I bring it right-side up again, hold the corners across, then sew from one corner to the other. Do this on both sides, then you'll get a flat bottom.

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