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My Own Pattern

Thanks once again Ger,
for helping me to write my pattern in Crochet jargen!

Worsted weight yarn in color of your choice
Size G crochet Hook

To Make
Ch 5, join with slip st.
Row 1: Ch3( Ch 3 at begining of row always counts as 1 Dc),14 Dc 
in ring join with sl st to top of the first ch3 for this row and every row 
throughout garment---15 Dc
Row 2:Ch 3, turn, Dc in each st increasing evenly to 18 sts ---18 Dc
Row 3:Ch 3, turn, Dc in each st increasing evenly to 20 sts-20 Dc
Row 4:Ch 3, turn, Dc in each st around-20 Dc
Repeat row 4 until you have 7 inches, end off and weave in yarn tails

Ch 35,join with sl st being careful not to twist ring
Row 1:ch 1, sc in each ch around sl st to first sc---35 sc
Row 2: Ch 3, Dc in each st around, Join with a sl st to top of first ch3,
now and throughout pattern---35 Dc
Row 3: ch 3, turn, Dc in each st around
Repeat row 3 til you have 8 Dc rows,end off and weave in tails
Cut off a length of yarn , thread tapestry needle with it and weave through 
the sc row and pull to gather this row closed ( I used 2 strands of yarn 
because you have to pull really tight) Tie it in a couple of knots and
weave in the ends.

Where the turns were made on both pieces, 
sew together holding both pieces open end up for about 6 sts 

Row 1: Attach yarn and sc around top of both pieces ,join with sl st
Row 2: ch 3, Dc in each st around,join
Row 3: Ch 3 turn, Dc in each st around , join
Row 4: Ch 4 ( counts as 1 Dc and 1 ch) Turn, skip 1, dc in next st,ch 1*,skip 1, 
Dc in next, ch 1, repeat from * around, join, end off and weave in tails.

( Make 2) ch 300 with 1 strand of yarn or 250 with 2 strands of yarn
First tie gets woven through the ch 1 spaces of Front Piece and second tie 
gets woven in through the Dc row above Sc row of Back Piece.
Open ends of ties are to back of both pieces


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