Done "In-The-Round"

A Big Special Thanks to Linda
for encouraging me to get my pattern to you!

And a Big Special Thanks to Gerry
for rewriting my pattern so that it's understandable!

Soft Baby sport yarn
Size E Hook
2" Bootie
Soft worsted yarn 
G hook
3inch bootie

For Newborn size @ 3.5", Read Beth's revision of 
my pattern below mine. 
Thanx Beth for taking the time to make it easier for 
our crafting friends to help the lil babies.
Chain 4, sl st in 1st ch to form ring
Note: ch 3 at beginning of a row always counts as 1 DC
Row 1: Ch 3, 11 DC in ring, Join with sl st in top 
of the ch 3. ( 12 DC )
Row 2: Ch 3, DC in each st around, Join as before
Row 3: Repeat Row 2
Row 1: ch 3, turn 1 DC in next 10 DC (11 DC)
Row 2: ch 3, turn, 1 DC in next 9 DC and in top of 
Turning ch of previous row (11DC)
Row 3: Repeat Row 2
Row 1:
Working down side of last 3 rounds,ch 3, 5 DC evenly 
spaced down first side, 
1 DC in unworked st of round 3 of toe, 5DC up other 
side of bootie and 1 DC 
in top of ch 3 of row 3 of instep ( 13 DC )
Row 2: Ch 3, turn,1 DC in each st ( 13 DC )
Row 3: Repeat row 2
Row 4: (Change color here if you want to, for the top ruffle)
Ch 1,turn,1 sc in 1st st,*ch3 , sc in next st, 
Repeat from * to end
End off leaving long enough yarn to sew back together or 
use Velcro dots to close as some babies have 
needles in their heels and this makes it easier for the nurses

( with a touch of "Glow" )
My Friend Beth redid my pattern to fit Newborn size
Thanks Beth!!

WW yarn (I'm using white Simply Soft, with bits 
of red and navy for top ruffle and ties)
Size G hook
Chain 4, sl st to make a ring.
Rnd1: Ch3, work 14 dc into the ring (15 sts), 
join to top of ch3 w/sl st.
Rnd 2: Ch3, dc in each st around.
Rnds 3-4: Repeat round 2.
Row 1: Ch3, turn, dc in next 13 sts (14 sts).
Row 2: Ch3, turn, dc in each st and top of ch3.
Rows 3-4: Repeat row 2.
Working down side of instep rows, ch3, 5 dc evenly 
spaced along rows, dc in st next to unworked st of 
toe rounds, dc in unworked st, dc in 
st just the other side of unworked round st, 
5 dc evenly spaced along rows, dc in top of turn ch (15 sts).
Row 2: Ch3, turn, dc in each st and top of turn chain.
Rows 3-4: Repeat row 2. End off white with enough to use 
for sewing.
Row 5: (change colors; I used red): Ch1, turn sc in 1st st, 
*ch3, sc in next st, repeat from * across.
Using navy, chain 70, end off. Make double knots on each end 
of tie, snip close to knot. Weave through first row of leg 
to use in tying bootie closed, so it will stay on foot.
Hope that helps some others to make larger sizes, too ... 
and thanks, Gloria, for the inspiration!
Beth :-)

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