2G Toppers
Caps and Hats from Preemie Size to Toddler Size
And Now!! Adult size too...!!
Done In-The-Round

Another collaboration from Glow and Gerry
Thanks Gerry for helping me to write out my pattern in crochet jargen

Materials Either Bernat or Lion Brand Baby Soft (A baby sport yarn ) Size E or F crochet Hook Sizes: Preemie small 3 1/2",medium 4" and large 4 1/2" in diameter Directions are given for small with changes for other sizes on the bottom Ch 5,Sl st to first ch to make ring R 1: Ch 3,23 Dc in ring, Join with Sl st to 3rd ch of the first ch3 ( 24 Dc ) R 2 to 10 : Ch 3,Turn at beginning of every row ( this will eliminate diagonal seam line ) Dc in each Dc around, join with sl st as before. ( 24 Dc.) at end of last row end off, weave in yarn, tie small small pom pom to top of hat. Fold up last 2 rows for brim. Size Medium R1: Same as R 1 of above R 2:Inc in every 2nd dc ( 36 Dc ) R 3 to 10 : Same as size small (36 Dc ) Size Large R 1: same as R 1 above R 2: Inc in every dc (48 Dc ) R 3 to 10: Same as size med. (48 Dc ) For even larger sizes work same as above ( sm, med & large ) with soft Worsted weight yarn and size G hook Larger sizes will require more than ten rounds. My recommendation would be to make the piece as long as it is wide. I did one using the large pattern with worsted weight yarn and the width came to 8 in diameter, so 10 rounds won't be enough for a nice long fit. I made it 16 rounds because 1 round of length came to a half inch. ************************* Adult Size I just now made one 10 inches in diameter. Fits me to a tee! Follow the pattern for large, only difference is in the 3rd round do an increase every 3rd stitch, do the rest as regular for 16 rounds total. ************************* In using the pattern for larger sizes with worsted weight yarn,there are obvious additions to be made in how many rounds are added. Use your own judgement on that. ,,,,glor



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