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Are You Heaven Bound? Visit Jimmy

Thanks Jimmy for the award.
I didn't do anything for you,
that I havn't already done for others.
I'm THRILLED that your songs are on your pages now.
It was my pleasure to help, believe me!

Pure Country

Thanks to my newest Cybersis, Charlene
for this totally awsome award!
Elvis has left the building, pouting!

*In Friendship from Charlene*

Making friends and sharing
is what these pages are all about.
Thanks Charlene

Kentucky Lady

*How Purty* Thank you
!..How did you know that brown's my favorite color..!

*In Friendship from Kentucky Lady*

From A Wonderful New Friend
Thanks Andrea

Thanx For The Pretty Cross Mick

Home Of Stump The Chump

*From Fuzzy Fuzwump*

We have so much fun together,
bustin' each other's chops!
Thanx Fuz!!

Thank you Enchante' and Associates

Thank You Very Much....Gloria

Liz aka Marbeth

Thanx Liz
We really do share a lot of silly giggles, don't we!
Hi Bud!

Gary "Gary's Midi Madness"

What a thrill it is to receive this.
Thank You Gary


From my Neato friend Loretta
Thanx Loretta

Seee The U.S.A In Your Chevrolet!

America's The Greatest Land Of All

From Marcy and Joe

Our Schoolhouse

We laugh at everything,
We're in Stitches together

Gloria, sending you our Award of Excellence For your GlowCanPick site. May your site just keep glowing. ~ Gene and Lois ~

Gene and Lois's Nest

~ Gene and Lois ~

Thanks Gene and Lois. It's great fun getting to know you and sharing common interests together.

~Mary Kay~

Thanks Mary Kay for the beautiful gift. I'm so glad that you enjoy my music.

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My Role As A Stem Cell Donor

by Gloria Canfield

         I was notified in 1992 that my brother was diagnosed with leukemia. I found out that I was the match to be my brother's Stem Cell Donor. When I found this out, I searched the net to get what information I could find to be prepared for my part in the procedure.

    Nowhere on the net did I find, in great detail, the procedure known as Stem Cell Transfer. It's mostly about Bone Marrow Transplants for Leukemia patients. Bone Marrow Transplants are not as widely used as they used to be.
    There's too much chance of infection to the donor.

          A part of the process used in the procedure in Stem Cell Transfer is called "Apheresis." Soooo, I'm going to write about Apheresis, what I was supposed to do, and how I was supposed to do it. Hopefully my doing this will give comfort to those of you who will be new prospective donors.

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